Tragic Loss: Model-Actor Poonam Pandey Succumbs to Cervical Cancer at 32, Confirms Team Wallpaper

Poonam Pandey, the 32-year-old model and reality TV star, has passed away after a courageous battle with cervical cancer, according to her manager. The shocking news has left the entertainment industry in mourning, as she was last seen on the reality show Lock Upp. Her manager, Nikita Sharma, expressed admiration for the actress’s resilience during her health struggles and emphasized the urgent need for increased awareness and preventive measures against diseases like cervical cancer.

Poonam Pandey

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Parul Chawla, the media manager, confirmed the news of Poonam Pandey’s death after receiving a call from her sister. While awaiting further details, Chawla assured that an official statement would be released once more information is provided by the family.

Team Confirms Poonam Pandey’s Death With Official Instagram Post

The announcement of Poonam Pandey’s demise was first made on her official Instagram page by her team, describing the morning as a difficult one and requesting privacy for the grieving period. The post reflected on her loving and kind nature, recalling the impact she had on everyone she encountered.

Poonam Pandey gained fame in 2011 when she posted a video message ahead of the Cricket World Cup final, promising to strip if team India won. Over the years, she amassed a large following on social media with her controversial statements and bold videos. In 2022, she participated in the reality show Lock Upp, led by Kangana Ranaut, and also ventured into acting in films. Her untimely death has left a void in the entertainment industry, and fans are remembering her for the moments shared throughout her career.

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